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Independent residential lighting design consultancy based in Buckinghamshire with projects located across the UK, focusing mainly on Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire.

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Why might you
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Lighting your house or garden will have a huge impact on the way you ‘feel’ about it, it will be the difference between creating a ‘house’ or creating a ‘home’.  People often struggle to get the balance of light right, to have enough to do the practical tasks, yet the right balance to create mood and atmosphere.  They often make the mistake of over-lighting and putting in too many uncomfortable glary downlights that make the house difficult to live in.

As lighting designers, we help you understand the importance of lighting a house with professional consideration. Placing light fittings in the right locations and choosing the right light fitting for the purpose and desired effect is key.

Our Process


Concept Design

Working with you and your style, we will deliver a unique lighting design concept. This will show light fitting placement on a sketch layout with a compiled document giving you examples and sketches of the lighting effects we are hoping to create in each area. It will include a schedule of fittings with indicative costs for budgeting.


Detail Design

Following a meeting to discuss your likes and dislikes, stage 2 of the process will detail up the concept into a more formal layout (usually on CAD), showing more accurate positions with control circuits and switch positions. This is then partnered with an in-depth specification of light fittings and a schedule with loadings, dimming control and cost.


Final Proposal

The final lighting scheme will be delivered with conclusive layouts of the proposed design. A final specification of all luminaries, lamps and control systems is included with all the necessary customer and installation information. Any detail of integrated lighting will be provided and we will liaise with design team members to ensure all lighting is coordinated into their packages.e,g kitchen design, furniture design, AV control, architecture, interior design etc.


Raising Quotes

Final quotes will be raised by us directly with the chosen manufacturers and invoices will then be sent to you/electrician for payment. This is in preparation for your fittings to be produced and delivered in time to be installed for second fix. We have no affiliation with any one manufacturer and are therefore able to source product from anywhere without restriction, allowing you to have the most ideal product matching performance, effect and budget.



We will be with you until the end! In stage 5 we will be in constant contact with you and or the build team to overview project progression, making visits to site and responding to site queries. This will continue until a final review can be made of the working lighting installation. Focusing of fittings to angle them correctly, adjustments and assistance with lighting control systems are then conducted for the final set up of the scheme.


Sign Off

We like to make sure you are happy and the scheme is working well after a few weeks of use, therefore we will do a final visit to do any final programming of the scenes and make any minor tweaks to ensure all is working as it should be.

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